The Team

Constantinos Papadopoulos

Constantinos  is the Director/Producer of MusicEra. With his exceptional skills gained through years of experience on TV and his own productions, since 2008, he drives the MusicEra team in excellence. What is really special about him is the combination of equipment knowledge/technical aspects of the production and the exceptional sense of aesthetics he has.

He is possessed by an eagerness of studying and gaining knowledge on technical aspects of all equipment and connectivities and can find solutions to any problem concerning complicated set ups. As a Director and a Producer he makes sure that the best production crew is formed for each case. So far he has directed and produced hundreds of TV, B2B and B2C productions. Until 2018 he has been the Video Director/Producer of exceptional artists such as Michalis Chatziyiannis, Alkistis Protopsalti, Kostas Makedonas, Yiannis Charoulis, Demetris Mpasis, Costas Kakoyiannis and more. He has directed/produced with the orchestra instructor Alkis Baltas and orchestra instructor Jens Georg Bachmann for the Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra being an orchestra with over 80members, while he has worked on the video productions with Stavros Xarchakos and Michalis Christodoulides for their concerts given in Cyprus. Constantinos is being hired with his team to direct/produce big events and shows, some of which have been the “Youth Awards”, 2016 for young entrepreneurship and innovative ideas, the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 “Eternal Voyages” in which more than 5000 people attended to watch. He has been called to undertake many Grand Opening events such as the re opening of the biggest theatre in Limassol, “Pattichio”, the Grand Opening of the “Limassol Old Port” with thousands of people attending, the two most important events of the Russian community in Cyprus being 2 ceremonies for the grand opening of the Orthodox church of “Iera Mitropoli Tamasou kai Orinis” and many more. A little bit about his education, Constantinos studied Video & Music Production and obtained his Bachelor Degree in 2007 and his Master in 2008 from Huddersfield and Leeds Universities in the UK. While he makes sure he stays up to date with technology developments and closely attends and participates in seminars, he has attended the Advanced Multi Camera TV Direction with CuePilot training course, and a series of seminars focusing on "Development, Funding and Distribution of Movies", "Script writing" and "Animation". Constantinos is considered to be a quite person. He is not much into chatting but into doing! He enjoys a good company with a fine whisky and a fine cigar! While he loves nature and its beauties, he is a diver, loves to water ski, off-road motor crossing and hunting.
Maria Savvidou

Maria  is the Production Manager of MusicEra. The person with whom you will get in touch to organise your production and makes sure all aspects of the production run properly. Her skills around organising and communicating with all publics of the production have been well developed as since 2008 she has organised tenths of conferences and events at an international and local level; Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Israel, Cyprus.

While respecting all of her partners she acts to the best interest of both the client and her crew of people and associates. She is an economist with an expertise in Marketing; this makes her the business-oriented person of the production house. A little bit about her education, she is a graduate from University of Patras in 2005 with a BSc in Economic Science and a graduate of Leeds University in 2008 with an MA in Marketing and Advertisement. Maria enjoys parties and fun and loves people with great sense of humour! She is a lyrist in both Greek and English and enjoys a variety of sports and challenges!
Stavrina Kykalou

Stavrina graduated from the National Technical University of Athens. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts & Design, from which she graduated with a BA in Graphic Design, Multimedia & Animation. She is also a holder of a Master of Arts in Design with specialization in animation, validated by Middlesex University London. 

The best Camera Operators

The best Camera Operators on the island are an integral part of our team. To best meet our clients' needs, we have a crew of over 20 camera operators with whom we have undertaken a variety of productions. The studio is fully equipped with professional production equipment, such as broadcast cameras, lights, stands, video and audio mixers etc.

Session Musicians

Session Musicians we work with are graduates of the best universities and conservatoriums with established careers in both performance and education. Session Musicians are called for various projects and their input is of great importance towards the production. Instruments consist of the following, but are not limited to: guitars, a piano, violin, drums, bass, vocals, flute and many more.

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